I'm a quirky frontend developer from the sunny city of Sunderland, with 10+ years experience in web development. I started off as a PHP developer for a local hospitality company, then branched out into full stack before finding my true development love...frontend!

Currently, on my web development journey, I find my self doing a lot of ReactJs, trying out niche development projects & working on making the web more accessible. Since, I am also an accessibility user, & making a complex UI accessible can be quite the fun engineering challenge.

I like to think I integrate well with a team, and try to bring a social aspect to the developer experience (after I get over being uber shy at first).

In my spare time I like to juggle personal web development projects and photography (check out my linked insta). If I'm not doing something technical, you can usually find me wondering around the south side of Glasgow, at the gym or hanging out with friends.


Languages - JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, HTML, C#.

Frameworks - React, React Native, NextJs, Gatsby, Laravel, CRA.

Styling - CSS, SCSS, LESS, CSS Modules, Styled Components.

Testing - Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress.

Tooling - Webpack, Babel, Grunt, Yeoman, Redux, Git, NPM, Yarn, docker, Storybook.

CMS's - Wordpress, Strapi, Contentful, Umbraco.

Backend - Node, REST, GraphQL, MySQL.

CI - Jenkins, GitHub Actions, CircleCI.

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Feel free to browse some of my more recent projects below...

The Bell Media Project is a web based OTT application. That delivers content from various large Canadian Media brands (such as Crave), and supports multiple platforms/devices (e.g. Xbox, LG TV). My role in this project is to maintain and develop this complex application for millions of Bell Media Customers, as part of a dedicated team (at Deltatre). Some of my proudest moments on this project were heading up it's accessibility initiatives, taking ownership of several key aspects of the application, and contributing to its codebase modernization.